drynkware TM is a small, independent bar ware brand built by true libation aficionados.

We design and produce high-end, unique and fun bar utensils to help companies and hosts/hostesses differentiate their guests' experiences. The drynkware brand caters to the full spectrum of the beverage industry, including retailers, bar owners, bartender, home bars and cocktail enthusiasts, as well as the wedding and event industry.

How drynkware is made:

Our cocktail stirrer tops are designed in-house and precision crafted out of zinc alloy. The tops are then welded to stainless steel rods and the entire stirrer is plated in drink-safe, food-grade silver or food-grade gold.  Stirrers can be used right-side-up as a garnish to set apart cocktails from one another, or up-side-down to give your beverage an extra swizzling. 

Hand-rinsing, or hand-washing with a mild soap, then towel-drying is recommended. 

Photography credit: Bella Native Design, drynkware